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Paul Sullivan Thinks Chicago Baseball Fans Are Unreasonable

Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune thinks Chicago baseball fans are unreasonable for calling out ownership of their franchises to spend more money.

White Sox Sign Ervin Santana In The Middle Of Manny Machado’s Press Conference

A feeble attempt by the White Sox to usurp Manny Machado's presser with the Padres involved a 36-year-old pitcher with "wear-and-tear" injuries last season.

REPORT: White Sox Withdraw From Bryce Harper Sweepstakes

It was a two-piece combo to White Sox fans gut on Tuesday and Wednesday as they whiffed on Manny Machado and pulled out of negotiations with Bryce Harper.

REPORT: Machado Turned Down Easy Money With The White Sox

Manny Machado turned down easy money with the White Sox. The vesting options alone were attainable with benchmarks he eclipsed several times in his career.

Rick Hahn And Jerry Reinsdorf Have Some Explaining To Do

The White Sox front office has some explaining to do. Fans won't accept a typical brand of diplomacy with awe-shucks statements, only full transparency.

White Sox Lucas Giolito Claims He Has The Stuff To Succeed In The Show

White Sox blooming starter Lucas Giolito has put last year behind him and has a plan, a key phrase, to narrow his focus for the 2019 campaign.

Tim Anderson Says He’s Earned The Right To Stay At Shortstop And Statistics Back Him Up

White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson did some chinwagging about Manny Machado at SoxFest last weekend and his claim to shortstop, but he might not be wrong.

Are The White Sox Still Actively Involved With Bryce Harper?

A fresh batch of sourced reporting hit twitter involving the White Sox and Bryce Harper, but are the Sox really earnest about landing the slugger?