Today we finally got the White Sox end-of-season press conference and the first bombshell came in the form of the firing of Ricky Renteria.

The White Sox managerial job will instantly be one of the most sought after in baseball. A dynamic young core ready to win in a big market will attract dozens of qualified candidates. One thing that should be noted is that Ozzie will NOT be back at the helm in 2021 according to Rick Hahn.

With that in mind, here are 3 names that could be leading the White Sox in 2021:

1. Alex Cora

Cora is considered by many to be one of the better managers in baseball. He is known for leading the Red Sox to a World Series Title in 2018 and more recently, the sign stealing scandal that took place in Houston when he was a bench coach. He will be eligible to return next season from his suspension and would be a perfect fit on the South Side. He is young (44 years old), has championship experience, and connects well with his players. 3 things that Hahn mentioned what they would be looking for in his press conference. Yes he was suspended and got caught cheating, but he’s served his punishment and is ready to get back to managing a winning ball club.

2. A.J. Hinch

Another manager involved in the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal here, A.J. Hinch is essentially a carbon copy of Cora. He’s on the younger side for a manager (46 years old), has a World Series Championship to his name, and connects with his players. Obviously the biggest snare here is the role he played in stealing signs. Like Cora, he served his punishment and will be able to manage in 2021. Will it be for the White Sox? Time will tell.

3. Sandy Alomar Jr.

Alomar took over for the Cleveland Indians late in the season due to Terry Francona’s health issues. Francona is probably the best manager in baseball, so to be groomed by him for the past 7 years like Alomar has been could pay huge dividends. If Francona feels like he is healthy enough to return to Cleveland next year, Alomar could be on the lookout for a managerial position himself. He’s older than Hinch and Cora (54 years old), but certainly not outdated. He’s seen a ton of success in Cleveland in recent years, and that could translate to wherever he goes should he obtain a managerial position.

The stars are aligning for the White Sox to nab one of these 3 guys as their next manager, specifically the first 2 options.

And yes, it is almost a sure thing that whoever is managing the White Sox in 2021 and beyond will come from outside of the organization. A step off the beaten path for the franchise.

The White Sox have their list of candidates and will take their time evaluating each one. Rick Hahn stated that there is no urgency at this time. Buckle up for another wild off-season, Sox fans.

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