The Chicago Bears are always on the lookout for help on offense. Considering they rank 27th in the NFL? That should not be a surprise. Head coach Matt Nagy is frustrated with the state of this unit. Not just because of its lacking success but also how it continues to reflect poorly on his reputation as an offensive mind. This is why people continue to connect the Bears to prominent names on the market. Antonio Brown among them.

Everybody knows the story by now. Brown was the best wide receiver in football for most of the 2010s. A superstar on his way to the Hall of Fame. Then somewhere along the way, his ego ran out of control. His relationships in the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room began to fracture. It got so bad to a point where they willingly traded him for just 3rd and 5th round picks.

It didn’t end there though. Brown’s antics continued with the Las Vegas Raiders. If anything they got worse. Run-ins with GM Mike Mayock. Getting frostbite on his feet. Arguments over not being able to use his old helmet. It was ridiculous. Eventually, the Raiders bit the bullet and cut him.

A gleeful Brown celebrated by signing with the New England Patriots.

That honeymoon didn’t last long. On September 10th of last year, Brown was accused of sexually assaulting his former trainer three times. Then a second woman did the same. The Patriots cut him and he hasn’t been on an NFL roster since. That hasn’t stopped him from being arrested for assaulting a moving truck driver.

All of these antics led him to receive an 8-game suspension from the league this season. Yet people still wonder if and when a team will ring him up.

Antonio Brown sneers at the idea of joining the Bears

Brown, for his part, seems to think he has options on the table. An interesting video surfaced via Deion Sanders. It shows him FaceTiming with the wide receiver. That is when Barstool Big Cat, who was also in the studio had a chance to talk with him. After asking why he isn’t on a team yet, Big Cat offered the Bears as a possibility given their need for wide receiver help.

The seven-time Pro Bowler had a simple reply. “Nah, not with Nick Foles.”

It’s hilarious how entitled Brown is. He’s played games at this point in his career with just two quarterbacks. Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady. Two future Hall of Famers. It is truly amazing how after all he’s done in the past year he feels he can hold out and just expect to cherry-pick his own team. One with a surefire star at quarterback of course.

What makes it even funnier is he’s turning his nose up at a guy who has a Super Bowl ring while he, lest we forget, does not.

Not that any of this matters. The Bears wouldn’t be caught within a country mile of Brown at this point. He’s beyond radioactive to the culture they’ve strived to build under GM Ryan Pace. For all the talent the receiver has, he’s proven to be a ticking time bomb. This team doesn’t need that.

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