Darnell Mooney made quite a first impression for a rookie 5th round draft pick. He made three catches on opening day for 38 yards. On those plays, he demonstrated a lot of what the Chicago Bears like about him so much. Namely his ability to run. The common saying in any sport is that speed kills but it’s especially true in the NFL. The Bears didn’t have enough of it last year. They feel they found it in Mooney.

Apparently his reputation preceded him in Detroit. The rookie had a chance to talk with Bears media on Tuesday. He discussed what it was like playing in his first NFL game. The pressures didn’t seem to phase him much. However, the Lions defense provided him with a memory he’s certain to never forget.

It came when he stepped onto the field for the first time.

That is proof teams do their homework on every player an opponent acquires. Detroit knew exactly what the Bears were going for when they drafted Mooney. All it takes is one big play to swing a football game. So they weren’t going to let the rookie catch them by surprise. Quite a good deal of respect.

Darnell Mooney made them pay regardless

Even being prepared for speed doesn’t mean a defense can stop it. Mooney gashed Detroit a couple of times that afternoon and could’ve had one or two other big moments. Odds are he will become an even bigger threat in the passing game as he gains experience. If Mitch Trubisky can learn to take more shots down the field, something that was missing a lot in 2019, then this is going to be a beneficial relationship.

Mooney’s presence also figures to help out teammates. With opponents so focused on his speed, it will leave openings underneath for guys like Anthony Miller, Allen Robinson, and the tight ends to feast.

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