Matt Nagy knew what he was getting into when he chose to become head coach of the Chicago Bears. The biggest part of his job description is being able to manage a locker room. One filled with lots of grown men who have families to feed. Who have their own hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Sometimes when those men feel the team isn’t doing enough to help them achieve those goals, they lash out.

A lot of coaches don’t know how to handle those situations. Largely because they don’t quite understand how to manage personalities. Nagy proved again he is not one of those coaches. Allen Robinson became his first such challenge when the star wide receiver deleted all Bears-related mentions on his Twitter and Instagram. A surefire sign that he was upset with the lagging progress on his contract extension.

Rather than let the situation continued to fester, Nagy decided to confront the issue. He asked Robinson to come in for a talk. It wasn’t a lecture. It was a genuine discussion that the receiver himself later said was “spirited.” In the end, it appears what needed to be said was said.

Matt Nagy proves again he is a true leader

People can criticize Nagy for his ability to run a proper NFL offense. When it comes to leadership and handling a locker room though? The man is beyond reproach. The fact he was able to bring Robinson in, let him air his grievances, and get both sides on the same page? That is what good head coaches have to do. Robinson is still frustrated, but he made it clear that won’t affect how he continues to play on the field.

Nagy sounds confident everything will get worked out. The receiver means a lot to this offense. Everybody knows this. It’s just a matter of letting the process play out. The Bears are 1-0 and looking to continue building momentum. Robinson is vital to that.

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