Bulls power forward Lauri Markkanen virtually spoke to the media yesterday to touch on a few different topics. Markkanen discussed the Bull’s new head coach Billy Donovan, the overall status of the team, and his role on the team. Markkanen is coming off a down season after seeing his stats drop across the board from the prior season. When all was said and done Markkanen ended with 14.7 PPG, 6.3 RPG, & 1.5 APG. Markkanen addressed his down season when he spoke to the media.

Markkanen clearly acknowledges the fact that he had a down year. He has set his expectations high for next season, like the rest of us have. Oftentimes players will get inside of their own heads after a down year and it will impact their success the next season. Markannen appears primed to not let the results of this year impact the next.

He is excited about the comeback. Bulls fans all over are also excited to see this comeback as Markkanen was drafted by the Bulls in 2017 and hasn’t lived up to the expectations. He has shown bursts of the player he could be but it hasn’t been consistent.

Anyone who watched the team this past season could see that former Bull’s head coach Jim Boylen didn’t know how to utilize Markkanen in his lineups. Markkanen struggled to fit his expected role within Boylen’s system and it was clear. Boylen isn’t the only person to blame for Lauri’s struggles but he certainly didn’t help. Thankfully, Boylen is out and Billy Donovan is in.

Billy Donovan and Lauri Markkanen

Billy Donovan has said that he wants to play to his player’s strengths. Markkanen is enthusiastic about playing for his new head coach.

If Donovan can create a gameplan that amplifies each player’s strengths this team could be very dangerous. It looks like Lauri agrees that this team could be very good next year.

At the end of the day, the players need to do their part and make sure they are putting in the necessary work. By all accounts, it sounds like everyone on this team has been prepping hard for next season. With a new head coach taking control of this team, the morale is sky-high. Markkanen wants to be around to see where this team can go under Billy Donovan.

If Lauri can deliver next season I’m sure Chicago will want him to stick around long-term. The ball is in his court if he can’t succeed under a coach like Billy Donovan the team will most likely show him the door. Markkanen will continue to use this offseason to prepare for his comeback season. Here’s to hoping he will live up to the expectations that are set for him. 



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