How The Chicago Bears Can Avoid Another Grizzly Season By Choosing Top Players


The Chicago Bears 2019 season last year was the 100th in the National Football League, and the second season under Matt Nagy. In the beginning, things appeared to be going well, with a relatively strong 3-1 start. However, this didn’t seem to last very long. The Bears lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 3-5, making it clear they weren’t going to improve on the previous 2018 record of 12-4. In the next five games, the team rebounded 4-1. By week fifteen, they had lost to the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. Ultimately, the Bears ended the season 8-8.

With Some Top Players to Choose from, the Bears won’t be Hibernating this Time!

After looking at NFL spreads, it’s The Bears are going to need additions to compete, we this they should be chasing Claypool or Mitch Trubisky during the draft season. However, we haven’t ruled out some other possibilities like Bridgewater, Foles, and Dalton. Here’s everything you need to know.


At 6ft4 and weighing in at 238 pounds, Claypool is perhaps best known for his outstanding 2019 performance at Notre Dame, achieving a total of thirteen touchdowns and sixty-six catches for 1,037 yards.

Truth is though that Claypool can be seen somewhat as a chess piece by Matt Nagy. He can be put anywhere and becomes a large and fast target for whoever is under center. Interestingly, his athletic traits aren’t apparent on film. In fact, the Scouts were considering a position change due to his heavy footedness as a true boundary receiver. If the Bears want to snap up Claypool, they’ll need to be quick. He will definitely meet the Bears’ biggest need in passing. There’s also his added advantage that he brings offense to a better level.

Mitch Trubisky

Currently recovering from a dislocated left shoulder after his recent game with the Minnesota Vikings, we hope Trubisky returns to his number one title soon. We admit that Daniel has been a great fill-in during Trubisky’s absence, with substantial baseline competence and operational skills. It’s no wonder why he’s trusted so much by coach Matt Nagy. His stats are equally as impressive, completing 22 out of 30 passes over 195 yards with many downfield passes and touchdowns. It is clear to see why he is such a great backup quarterback.

He is something of a ‘career backup’ who is merely taking Trubisky’s place until he recovers and returns. So what are the other reasons why the Bears won’t consider a swap of their quarterback? One is that just one year ago, Ryan Fitzpatrick, one of the best quarterbacks of NFL, coincided with a three-game suspension at the start of the 2018 season with James Winston. Then there’s the case of Tampa Bay, where, despite the current quarterback playing well, they didn’t hesitate to return to the previous one which they’d invested so heavily in. We would expect virtually any other team to do the same.

Ultimately, for the Bears to have the best chance of winning the season, they should invite Trubisky back to be a quarterback. He wasn’t a particularly great player before his injury, but he has potential, not to mention endless natural talent. Pulling the plug on this talent four games into the third year of the NFL would be crazy. By all means, the Bears can still make use of Daniel as an interim quarterback. So much so that they should win their game in London against the Oakland Raiders. Ultimately, when Trubisky returns to full health, he should, and will, return as a quarterback to the Chicago Bears.

Other Possible Choices: Foles, Bridgewater and Dalton

Dalton may well be an option, considering he is in the Bears price range and is ideal as a late-round pick. Nick Foles could also be regarded as a good choice. Despite not being a free agent at the minute, he could become available for trade or be on his way to being released. Bridgewater is another player to look out for, for a trade. Although it’s not yet clear whether he will concede Trubisky, it is a possibility, especially if they’re ready to move on from him. Foles is considered a somewhat mediocre player, except the impressive super brown run he made with the Eagles.

Could Some Decent Trades Set up the Bears Well for Next Season?

The last season of the Chicago Bears wasn’t particularly great. Despite a somewhat strong start under the leadership of coach Matt Nagy, things quickly went downhill, making it clear that the team wasn’t going to be anywhere near as successful as they were in their 2018 season a year earlier. With this in mind, how are the Bears going to recover and improve? Some decent trades could give them a much-needed lifeline. So which players are in the spotlight? The two most likely to join the team are Claypool and Trubisky. Otherwise, Dalton, Foles, and Bridgewater are possible candidates.

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