FanDuel Spread the Love Promotion

The NFL season is upon us and it’s legal to bet on football in Illinois.

Let us repeat that, it’s legal to bet on football in Illinois!

FanDuel is known as the app that lets you draft a new fantasy team every week and compete for cash prizes, it’s pretty cool. Now they’ve added betting.

The FanDuel Sportsbook in Illinois has this crazy promotion available. It’s called SPREAD THE LOVE.

spread the love fanduel

Rams vs. Cowboys, Sunday Night Football

  • For every 5,000 bets made on the Rams, the line will move +1
  • The Cowboys are currently +3
  • If 100,000 people bet on the Rams, it would move the line to Cowboys +23

Here’s a few other things to consider…

  1. Most of the predictions on have the Cowboys winning by a slim margin.
  2. Rob Phillips has covered the Cowboys for 14 years and said “I’ve never felt less sure about an opener.”
  3. It’s Mike McCarthy’s first game with the Cowboys. His entire head coaching career has been with the Packers up to this point. He is a Super Bowl champion, but he will have to prove he can do it again under the microscope of Jerry Jones. Uncertainty remains until he proves himself.
  4. How will Dak Prescott respond to the franchise tag? He’s going to be making $31.4 million this season but he has nothing locked in for the future. Prescott is only 26 years old and his rookie contract has run out. It should be an interesting situation to watch.

If Rams fans can move the line at least 4 points by placing wagers on them in the FanDuel Sportsbook app, then that three points will turn into a touchdown. Those odds would likely swing into the Rams’ favor considering they are the home team. The Rams beat the Cowboys 30-22 knocking them out of the playoffs late 2018. The Cowboys won 44-21 the last time they played, but that wasn’t a playoff game.

This is a very highly anticipated game for several reasons, one of them being the absence of Todd Gurley. Gurley played the last five seasons with the Rams and scored 70 touchdowns, what will the team look like without him in the backfield? The latest reports indicate the Rams will use a “three-headed monster” which essentially means it’s a committee approach. Rookie Cam Akers is the most highly anticipated in the group.

With the legalization of sports betting in Illinois, Sports Mockery will be providing coverage on these promotions to give you opportunities to win. The FanDuel sportsbook is a simple app you can download to make safe, and legal, bets on the fly.

Sunday Night Football SPREAD THE LOVE
FanDuel SportsBook App

FanDuel Sportsbook is officially LIVE in Illinois, and you can start betting today!

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