Billy Donovan was officially announced as the Bulls Coach today. Karnisovas and Donovan took some time today to discuss the recruiting process as well as Donovan’s vision for this team. To start, it’s clear how badly Karnisovas wanted Donovan.

Karnisovas and Eversley met Donovan in Florida to speak with him about the potential of becoming the Bull’s next head coach. They wanted to make sure that Donovan knew how serious they were about considering him for the vacancy. Clearly, the conversations between Karnisovas and Donovan went well. Karnisovas had some great things to say about Donovan.

The second piece that stood out to Karnisovas is one of the most important traits that a coach can have. Being able to inspire a team to strive for one common goal. The Bulls have been in desperate need of that along with a great communicator. It sounds like Karnisovas found that in Donovan. Later on in Donovan’s introductory press conference, he opened up about his communication so far with the players, his working relationship with Karnisovas, and his coaching model going forward.

This is exactly how the Bulls are going to build a dynasty. Arturas Karnisovas and Billy Donovan working hand in hand is a big factor to success. In most scenarios where a team is getting out of control, there’s a divide between upper management and the coach. The Bulls now have a fresh start and are moving forward the right way.

Donovan doesn’t plan to be present at the Bulls bubble due to safety/quarantine concerns but he’s been in daily communication with the team.

Where Will Donovan Start?

This is quite the contrast from the Boylen led Bulls. Boylen set a system in place and then wanted the players to fit that system. Donovan plans to work with the players to see what part of their game they feel is the most effective. Then he will find ways to take advantage of that skill set and build an offense around it. This is critical to the success of this young team.

Another key component to the success of this team is putting the players first.

Donovan is going to focus on utilizing his players to the best of their skills. This is crucial for our young group. This past season was a nightmare when it came to player rotation and player utilization. Donovan plans to put an end to that by playing to the team’s strengths. Donovan is committed to figuring out how to get better today. He isn’t looking for this team to start competing years from now.

Donovan’s plan sounds great on paper. He is going to need to prove it when we get into next season. There’s still a lot of time left in this offseason since the start date of the 2020-2021 season hasn’t been set. There was a lot to unpack in Donovan’s statements today but in the end, he sounds like the perfect fit for this team right now. He’s a player first coach who wants to do what he can to play to his player’s strengths.

Bull’s fans it’s time to hop on the Billy Donovan hype train!


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