Many names have been brought up in the Bulls search for a new head coach. To name a few, Billy Donovan, Dan Craig, Ime Udoka, Kenny Atkinson, and the list goes on. The news came out that this week the Bulls will be narrowing the candidate’s list to 3.

This is exciting news as a Bulls fan. We waited far too long for Boylen to get the boot so the sooner we hear this top 3, the better. The not so exciting news is we don’t have a clue who will make it in the top 3.

We do know who the Bulls were granted permission to interview for the vacancy. The list includes Darvin Ham, Wes Unseld Jr., Dan Craig, Jamahl Mosley, Stephen Silas, Ime Udoka, and David Vanterpool. The Bulls also have an interest in free-agent coaches, Billy Donovan and Kenny Atkinson.

So who makes the cut?

There are some big names that I’m sure people will want to see make the cut. Billy Donovan comes to mind as one of those candidates. Donovan didn’t want to go through a potential rebuild in OKC so he left. The Bulls are a few years into the rebuild and are looking to make the jump. Donovan could be the perfect fit for this team right now. The Bulls clearly have an interest in him, the question is does he have an interest in the Bulls?  There’s another name that I wouldn’t be surprised to see in the top 3, Wes Unseld Jr.

Arturas crafted a team in Denver that just made it to the Western Conference Finals. Unseld Jr. has made an even stronger case for himself to become a head coach at the season’s end. Arturas also has a connection with Unseld so don’t be surprised if he makes it into the top 3. The final person who has the potential to make it into the top 3 is Miami Heat assistant Dan Craig. The Bulls are rumored to be very interested in him. Another assistant coach whose team has been impressive throughout the playoffs.

My prediction for the top 3 remains at Billy Donovan, Wes Unseld Jr, and Dan Craig. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of those names was swapped out for Ime Udoka. Buckle in everyone, we should hear from the Bulls regarding their top 3 by the end of the week.

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