The Chicago Bears have taken their sweet time in contract talks with wide receiver Allen Robinson. Much to the anger and frustration of both the player and fans. Why is it taking so long? It shouldn’t be this complicated. According to Dan Graziano of ESPN, the two sides are deadlocked over a final number. Robinson wants $18 million per year. The Bears are hoping for closer to $16 million.

That gulf has proven difficult to clear up to this point. However, the two sides may have gotten a push in the right direction. The Los Angeles Rams came to terms on a four-year extension with wide receiver Robert Woods at $65 million, which could become $68 million with incentives. So the base average works out to $16.25 million per year.

Brad Spielberger, a salary cap specialist fo Over The Cap and Pro Football Focus, believes this development should help provide clarity on the Robinson talks. It might also explain why the Bears were slow in moving ahead with a deal. It’s possible they hoped the Woods deal, which most knew was coming, would swing the market a little more in their direction.

It seems that decision was a smart one.

Allen Robinson has clarity now. Will he commit?

Here’s a fun little conspiracy. Ask yourself this. Did Robinson also know the Woods extension was coming and also know it would probably swing the market in the wrong direction for him? That would explain a great deal. Specifically, his social media move to remove all Bears content from his Twitter and Instagram a couple of days ago. A lot of people felt that was a calculated move to put pressure on the team. Get them to cave.

This Woods revelation might explain the sudden urgency. If that is the case, it didn’t work. The Bears held their nerve and waited it out. Now the market is clear. The two sides should be able to find that common ground on a deal. Unless Robinson decides to dig his heels in, the odds favor that extension getting done within the next two weeks at most.

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