The Allen Robinson issue doesn’t seem like it’s going away for the Chicago Bears. Their star wide receiver made that abundantly clear when he lit off a social media firestorm by removing all Bears-related photos and mentions from his Instagram and Twitter pages. People are left wondering what all of this means. Does Robinson want out? Are the Bears intent on moving on?

The lack of clarity has proven maddening. Thankfully, insider Tom Pelissero brought some during a recent update on NFL Total Access. He revealed that the move was a message from Robinson regarding his irritation at how the contract talks have gone thus far.

“Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson has grown frustrated with the state of talks on a contract extension with the team. He removed all the stuff from his social media today. Photos of himself in a Bears uniform. The team name. He feels like he has been disrespected and the Bears offers to this point have not reflected his fair market value.”

Pelissero went on to explain that the situation hasn’t resulted in a major breaking off of contact. It’s more of a money issue the two sides have yet to work out. Robinson isn’t giving the team an ultimatum at this point.

“This one with Allen Robinson to this point has proven more challenging. As of now I can tell you there is no trade request from Allen Robinson.”

Allen Robinson seems like he is seeking attention

This isn’t a surprise. The guy is coming off one of the best seasons of his career and was the Bears’ best offensive player. He once again played a pivotal role for them on Sunday in the comeback win over Detroit. Eddie Jackson already got his big payday back in January. It shouldn’t be this difficult for him to get his money too, right?

Well, yes and no. The problem is Jackson got his contract before the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March. That created a major concern over the future salary cap in 2021. Projections are it could fall as much as $23 million. This makes offering a lucrative extension to players more difficult. Nevermind the 29 other free agents the Bears will have to juggle besides Robinson.

It is indeed a challenge.

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