If people look for a thumbnail that encapsulates the wild Chicago Bears win in Detroit on Sunday, it will be Anthony Miller making that diving catch for the go-ahead touchdown. Everything about it was perfect. The protection at the snap was great. Mitch Trubisky trusted his feet and showed no hesitation in his throw. The ball was placed where Miller and only Miller had a shot at it. Yet the best part of that sequence may have been Allen Robinson.

Nobody noticed him at the time. Why would they? The star Bears receiver was on the other half of the field drawing attention that way. That made it easy to miss what he did as the play unfolded. Trubisky caught wind of it from wide receivers coach Mike Furrey after the game. He explained to Peter King of NBC Sports what happened.

It’s equal parts hilarious and brilliant.

“I’ll tell you what was crazy,” Trubisky said Sunday night. “I was watching the game on the plane home from Detroit, and that play came up, and the receivers coach, Mike Furrey, said to me, ‘You see what 12 did?’ “

Twelve for the Bears is wideout Allen Robinson. Said Trubisky: “Allen Robinson’s got his back turned to the ball, can’t see it, but has his arms raised in the air before the ball even gets to Anthony Miller. He knew.”

Allen Robinson is either psychic or just that good

This is a testament to Robinson’s football instincts. He knows the offense as well as anybody by this point. He also knows his quarterback too. The fact he signaled TD? It meant he knew Miller had the matchup and Trubisky unloaded with enough conviction that the ball was going to be complete. There was never a doubt. This is why the man is so good at what he does. He understands the game that well.

On the other hand, the underhanded savagery of the move made it all the sweeter. Why wait to celebrate? Those guys on the other side were talking all sorts of trash a few minutes ago. A little sign language makes for a perfect retort.

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