2020 NFL Football: Why Can the Chicago Bears Steal A March On the NFC


The 2020 NFL season isn’t going any further, as it will work out a few days from now. The Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City is now ready for the opening day, where the Texans will compete against the Chiefs. After that, the remaining 30 teams, both from the NFC and AFC, will have their scheduled playoffs.

Every year, the AFC teams are seen as dominant groups in the NFL. Although this is the current trend that every football fan might observe, the NFC teams are composed of dark horse teams you should never undervalue. The Chicago Bears are one of the NFC’s best, representing the North Division, which may emerge as NFL champs.

The Bears appeared in the league playoffs in 2018. Last year, the team failed to win the Divisional Rounds due to a tight schedule. However, this season, the Bears won’t take a slip of showing their best to shine no matter what the circumstances look like. If you are cheering for this team, let’s see the Bears NFL odds for 2020 and why they are ahead against other teams.

Matt Nagy’s Unbelievable Coaching Talent

Matt Nagy was a former offensive coordinator of the Chiefs from 2016 to 2017. In 2018, he was hired by the Chicago Bears to become the head coach. By the time he stepped in to lead the team, the Bears had come out stronger and were able to win the NFC North Divisional Rounds in the said year.

As an offensive coordinator, Nagy is seen to have the best offensive mind when handling a team. He is the main reason why his former teams boosted their offense skills. Today, he continues to work with the Bears in making sure that they are more powerful in the offense division, so whoever their rivals would be, they are sure enough to give them a hard time making a goal.

Upgraded Offensive Weapons

For some reason, the Bears offensive weapons last season have gone through a lot of challenges. But this year, the team is taking it to the next level by boosting the current players

and adding some veteran talents. There is no doubt that if the Bears can keep it solid this time, their quest for the Lombardi trophy this year is attainable.

Tarik Cohen will work as the starting receiver who also impacted the team last year. He will work with other talents like David Montgomery, a sophomore showing his offensive skills and high-quality performance. Besides, the Bears have traded veterans like Demetrius Harris and Jimmy Graham, who will likely upgrade the team’s overall offensive line.

Eddie Jackson As The Starting “Safety” Player

You can find only a few talents working as a Safety in an NFL team, and Eddie Jackson is undoubtedly not an exception. The Bears highly drafted this Alabama Crimson Tide alumnus in 2017. He played for the Bears right away, and during his sophomore year, Jackson automatically earned two achievements, including a two-time Pro Bowl and First-Team All-Pro.

As a starting Safety, he’s seen to have the best instinct when playing inside the field. He can track the ball in the backfield and can stop the rival’s run, surprisingly. There are only a few players who can make miracles as the middle player, and if the Bears can bost and utilize Jackson more, this season will probably come as their best year in the NFL.

Khalil Mack Will Continue To Shine

Aside from Eddie Jackson, Khalil Mack is another player the Bears can trust. This five-time Pro Bowl achiever had joined the Bears in 2018, making excellent contributions for the team to shine in the NFC. He does not only show great plays every year but always comes out to compete for Defensive Honors, which he earned since 2016.

Working as the outside linebacker for the team, Mack has averaged double digits in sacks for the last six seasons. He is one of the most dangerous defensive players in the NFL, and the Bears are lucky enough to have him. This team is heading to the right track this year with the Bears’ loaded talent and Mack’s undeniable talent.

Nick Foles Is A Top Quarterback

Nick Foles will join the Chicago Bears this NFL season after trading him from the Jacksonville Jaguars. He will work as the starting quarterback for the team and make a huge whack for the

Bears. Foles is one of the few talented and top quarterbacks that can help topnotch Mahomes, Brady, and Jackson’s skills.

Not only Foles play excellently in his positions, but he has a good mental ability. He passes, rushes, and takes sacks with caution, ensuring that other teams won’t get the football. Besides that, Foles has good leadership skills, and if he does this through the NFL season, the Bears might come out as the next Super Bowl champs.


The Chicago Bears are seen as one of the underdogs in the NFC, but that might change this year. Like other teams who made desperate moves of contracting veterans, the Bears are keeping a more solid line-up. Can they make miracles and appear in the league playoffs this year’s NFL campaign? We’ll look forward to that.

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