With The First Pick In The 2020 NBA Draft, The Chicago Bulls Select…


Picture it now, the Bulls getting the #1 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. New front office, new head coach, and the #1 draft pick. It may be a long shot but it is possible and more likely than in previous years. The Bulls are sitting at the #7 spot in terms of record with the 14 teams that missed the playoffs. At the #7 spot, the Bulls have a 7.5% chance at the #1 pick. Comparing this to previous drafts the Bulls would have only had a 5.3% chance at getting #1.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Bulls odds for each pick in the top 9.

As you can see the Bulls are more likely to land at pick 7 or 8 than they are in the top 6. However, don’t lose hope, just last year we saw the Pelicans jump up to the #1 pick with the 7th best odds. Most Bulls fans are prepared for the team to land at pick #7, again. The draft lottery is exactly what it’s called, a lottery. There is no skill involved in this and you can’t control your destiny, even if the team tanks. Let’s just say that the best-case scenario happens and the Bulls get the #1 pick, who’s coming to Chicago?

Anthony Edwards or LaMelo Ball?

The Bulls need some help at the guard position and both of those guys would be an instant upgrade. LaMelo does bring with him some drama with his dad, I personally am fine with not bringing that to Chicago. However, LaMelo’s play outweighs the annoyingness of his dad. Edwards has a great skill set that will translate well to the NBA, I think Edwards is the safer pick but that doesn’t always mean it’s the right pick. This would be an incredible start to Karnišovas’ time in Chicago. This is the dream scenario currently for this franchise and it all could happen tomorrow night.

Let’s bring ourselves back to reality.

The Bulls will most likely land somewhere between picks 4-8 probably on the higher end. This leaves the Bulls with some good talent still on the board to come in and upgrade the team. From Kilian Hayes to Tyrese Haliburton this team can find an instant plug and play guy for the upcoming season. We will save the real talk for another time and just hope for a miracle. Once the pick is in we will take a deep dive into who the Bulls might be adding next season, until then, we can keep dreaming.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to the NBA Draft Lottery to see where the Bulls land. Here’s to hoping that the Bulls actually land the #1 pick in the draft. In Karnišovas we trust!

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