Roquan Smith is supposedly a somewhat unassuming guy who just happens to be really good at football. He doesn’t come across as the outspoken or charismatic type. He just quietly goes about his job. Except he’s not that type of person at all. At least not behind the scenes. He’s fast developing a reputation as a bit of a comedian to his Chicago Bears teammates.

A perfect example surfaced recently. With training camp off and running, Smith decided to celebrate with a post on Instagram. It was a sharp photo of him in his Bears jersey and shoulder pads. Fully decked out for action. A simple phrase accompanied it.

“Back to work. Let the fun begin!”

Except there was one minor detail that stood out. Smith was wearing glasses. Not just any glasses either. Everyday people would probably call them Harry Potter frames. When that photo hit social media, his teammates couldn’t handle it. Their reactions in the comment section were nothing short of priceless.

Roquan Smith seems loose and eager for action

Javon Wims has known Smith longer than anybody. The two were teammates at Georgia in college. So he knows the linebacker well, which makes his responses the funniest of all. Just the fact he’s 100% certain Smith did it to get a rise out of him is pure gold. It’s also a sign the 23-year old is unfazed by expectations this year. Quite the opposite. He’s eager to play some football.

Expectations are high for him this year. It was felt he was on the cusp of making the Pro Bowl before his pectoral injury occurred last season. His mixture of athleticism and instinct were shining so bright. By all accounts his healthy and eager to pick up where he left off.