Ask around enough times and most would agree. Nick Foles vs. Mitch Trubisky is a dead heat going into training camp. Lots of people think Trubisky has the edge. He’s more athletic and has a strong connection with the receivers. Others believe Foles with his experience and proven background as a champion makes him the favorite.

Head coach Matt Nagy wasn’t about to offer any hints either way. He’s remained crystal clear from the start. The competition is wide open. Both men are starting from zero and no determinations will be made until actual practices start taking place. Still, this hasn’t stopped people from continuing to speculate what the actual feelings of the coaching staff are behind the scenes.

NFL insider Field Yates went on the MySportsUpdate Football Podcast to discuss the NFC North. When asked about this QB battle, he didn’t beat around the bush.

“I think it’s Nick Foles. I know they’re saying all the things about Mitch Trubisky having a leg up because…having been here, done that (in the Bears offense) and in this unique, uncommon offseason he kind of has the advantage. I actually don’t think it’s close. I would be very surprised if Nick Foles is not the starting quarterback going into this regular season…

…The investment, relative to what other teams paid for quarterbacks this offseason, was not at the top of the chart…but still they trade a draft pick and then three years with $24 million guaranteed to acquire Nick Foles. I just don’t think it’s the kind of player you add as depth.”

Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky will come down to execution

Obviously winning the job is a top priority for both men. Yet each has different ways they’re going about it. Trubisky is out to prove his many doubters wrong. He arrived in camp in top physical condition and worked tirelessly on his throwing mechanics. Foles isn’t letting himself get too high or low. He’s focused on connecting with his teammates, getting reacquainted with this familiar offense, and doing whatever it takes to make the Bears offense better.

Yates added one thing that seems to separate him from Trubisky.

“I think the skillset is superior to Trubisky and I also think there’s a swagger about him, right? This team doesn’t have a lot of margin for error this year.”

That swagger came across in his first meeting with Bears media. Foles sounded like a man in full command of his faculties. A natural leader who understands everything that is expected of him and isn’t overwhelmed by it. Yates believes that unless Trubisky absolutely dominates camp practices this month, it will be Foles’ job when the dust settles.

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