Part of achieving self-improvement in anything is first admitting that you’re not good enough at something. This is probably the biggest hurdle any athlete faces. Especially professionals. Many think because they are in the big league that they are plenty good enough to be a star. All they need is to be given a chance. It doesn’t work that way. Only those who obsessively seek out their own flaws and work to correct them have success. This is the reality that hit home for Mitch Trubisky.

Understanding that his starting job and maybe his career at on the line for the first time this offseason, the 25-year old quarterback got to work. He’s been working out religiously in the weight room and on the field with teammates. However, it didn’t stop there. He told Chicago Bears media that he also spent a lot of time reviewing his own film.

After absorbing it for several months, it seems he truly began to realize how many mistakes he kept making. Mistakes that led to way too many missed opportunities.

“Just seeing the mistakes I made last year and just knowing that all of them are easily correctable, that gives me confidence going into the future. So I watched a lot of ball over this past year and over the summer, and you see the mistakes. You see really good plays. You see some really bad plays. And you see just some dumb things that just shouldn’t happen.

“But I think everyone just being on the same page and doing their jobs and me making smart decisions, that’s where you see a lot of the good plays happen.”

Mitch Trubisky worked tirelessly to correct those issues

This goes a long way towards explaining why Trubisky hired Jeff Christiansen during the offseason. The noted QB guru has done worked with other notable names like Patrick Mahomes and Ryan Tannehill in recent year. He has a reputation for focusing heavily on fundamentals, throwing mechanics, and footwork. All areas that the Bears QB has struggled to grasp since arriving in the NFL.

Trubisky believes the results are positive. He feels his footwork his sharper and his throwing accuracy is much more consistent. Whether that trend continues in training camp when he has to prove it against the Bears defense? That is the big question people are waiting to be answered. Still, it’s encouraging to see the quarterback recognizes his problems and is striving to fix them.