Allen Robinson proved last year that he was the best player on the Chicago Bears offense. It’s not particularly close either. Every time the team needed a big catch for a first down conversion, he was the guy they looked for. He had 1,147 yards on the season. The next closest was Anthony Miller with 656. So nobody else on the team was even in the same ballpark.

This is why a contract extension is imperative for the Bears. He’s their lone proven commodity on an otherwise disappointing offense. Yet weeks continue to pass by with no signs of progression. Robinson himself has said that it’s his wish to stay in Chicago long-term. The negotiations though come down to GM Ryan Pace and his agent.

It’s also important to mention that Alshon Jeffery also said he wanted to stay in Chicago. Right up until he forced his way out of town. Every attempt to ink him to a long-term deal failed. Could a similar danger exist with Robinson? Yes, and for two key reasons.

Money and QBs could be driving Allen Robinson stall tactics

The first part of his motivation is the simplest: money. The NFL and NFLPA hammered out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement this offseason. Together with new TV deals coming in, the salary cap is expected to rise significantly in the next couple of years. Player contracts are expected to rise along with it. If Robinson were to sign his deal now, he could risk leaving a ton of money on the table. By stringing out negotiations to next offseason, he could force the Bears’ hands to either use the franchise tag or offer him something closer to his demands.

Then there’s the QB issue.

Robinson has watched his career get held down by subpar quarterback play. First, it was Blake Bortles in Jacksonville. Now it’s Mitch Trubisky in Chicago. Sure the Bears traded for Nick Foles but he’s not exactly a big selling point either given his track record of being unable to make it through a full season. Is it so hard to imagine that the receiver is getting cold feet about staying on a team long-term that has a terrible track record at the position most crucial to his success?

That was a big reason Jeffery forced his way out of town. It’s hardly a stretch to think Robinson might do the same. There is still plenty of time for a deal to get done. It isn’t infinite though and the longer this goes on, the more nervous Bears fans get.