Three Stories About Michael Jordan


If you ask anyone about what athlete they think about first when hearing of Chicago, many of them will probably point out Michael Jordan instantly. His time with the Bulls, as well as his relationship with the Nike sportswear brand made him world-famous. His talent, combined with his determination, turned him into a legend. His life was, in turn, not without ups and downs. Let’s recall some of both today.

The Shot

Some of the greatest sports moments in Chicago’s history are linked to Michael Jordan’s proficiency with the basketball. One of his earliest, though, that truly put his names in the annals of professional basketball happened in 1989, in the playoff game between the Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Bulls and the Cavaliers were tied in a “best of five” series, and the Cavs were ahead by one point with just three seconds left on the clock. An inbound pass was turned into a winning shot by His Airness, one that truly deserves the “buzzer-beater” designation. “The Shot” may not have helped the Bulls win a title that year but it was definitely one of the loudest moments in Chicago’s basketball history.

When He Almost Got His Arse Handed To Him By Mike Tyson

Ahead of Mike Tyson’s return to the ring, the boxing legend has shared details about his workouts and his form. Take a look at him at the age of 54 – and now imagine how intimidating he might have looked when in his prime.

Iron Mike was said to be an insanely jealous person with revulsion to his ex-partner’s exes – and this included Jordan, too. At a dinner at a Chicago restaurant, with Mike Ditka, Richard Dent, Don King, and Jordan at the table, not long after his divorce from actress Robin Givens. Iron Mike was sipping his watered-up Long Island Iced Tea and suddenly burst out at Jordan, reproaching his former relationship with his ex. Long story short, a long-time friend and manager Rory Holloway had to hold Mike down while the boxer threatened with busting Jordan’s behind. As the book “Taming the Beast: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson” reveals, this was not an exception but rather a rule.

The Flu Game

“Mind over matter” is a cliche – but it was as real as it can get in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA finals when Jordan pulled off something that today would’ve landed him directly in quarantine.

Overcoming unimaginable hardships is how legends are born – and this one certainly increased Michael Jordan’s legendary status. Between games 4 and 5 of the 1997 Finals, he came down with the sickness – there’s no word on what he caught but the symptoms were flu-like. He didn’t cower away from the court, though – while his performance was fluctuating, he managed to score 38 points in the Bulls’ pivotal game against Utah Jazz. “Probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever done,” he later told the reporters. “I almost played myself into passing out just to win a basketball game.”