REPORT: White Sox Will Play Cardinals In “Field Of Dreams” Game


With an abbreviated 60-game season that will feature mainly games against division rivals, there were many doubts that the “Field Of Dreams” game involving the White Sox would take place.

MLB originally had the White Sox scheduled to play the Yankees in the iconic baseball field in Iowa, but because teams won’t be playing anyone outside of their geographical area the league has replaced the Yankees with the Cardinals.

The league is still planning to have the special event in Dyersville, Iowa, on Aug. 13.

The 60-game MLB schedule is still tentative, but it will most likely feature teams playing 40 games against division rivals and 20 games against the opposing league’s division. (AL Central vs. NL Central and so on)

So, the White Sox still get the primetime date and hopefully by then fans will actually get to go. Key word, hopefully.