REPORT: MLB Will Expand 2020 Playoffs


So, it’s pretty crazy that about three hours before the first pitch of the season MLB has decided to expand the playoffs in 2020.

According to several reports, the postseason will go from 10 teams to 16 this year. That means more than half the league will get a chance to make a run at a World Series title come October.

The first round will be a best-of-three series with all games hosted by the higher seed.

Obviously the players wanted expanded playoffs as the league will generate more revenue, which they’ll get a good chunk of.

This agreement is for 2020 only.

Here’s the thing, it’s a 60-game season, it’s weird as hell so why not expand the playoffs? Now, if this goes beyond the 2020 season, then yeah I’ll be right there with you complaining about how it basically makes a regular 162-game schedule more meaningless and waters down the product. But this year? Fuck it.

A few more details coming out.

And that includes this possibility!

Imagine the shit-talking? Kinda looking forward to it, if that does happen.

Oh and this gives the Cubs and White Sox no excuse not to get in the postseason. Just be average and you should be in the top-8 of your league.