Jim Boylen Is Just Okay


It’s a wonder to most Bulls fans why we are still talking about Jim Boylen. We all expected him to already be out the door looking for a new employer, however, here we are and Boylen is still the coach. Many players have weighed in on Jim Boylen and given their opinions. Well, this week another Bulls player joined that list, Bulls rookie Daniel Gafford talked about Boylen during a Twitch stream. Gafford was refreshingly honest when talking about Boylen.

This is coming from a rookie on the team, that has to tell you something about the coach. Gafford has only ever played for one coach in the NBA and he says that he has some things to work on. A rookie typically comes into the league and is told they have things to work on, not the other way around. Gafford’s full answer to the question of if he likes Jim Boylen was even more telling.

“I’m going to answer this question, but I’m not going to read it out. As a matter of fact, I will read it out. ‘Do you like Jim Boylen?’ He aight. I don’t like him a lot, but he OK. Got some things he can work on, got some things he can get better at as a person and as a coach. I’m not going to hate on him. I’m not going to hate the man.”

Gafford says point-blank that he doesn’t like Boylen a lot and that he is okay. Again, this is a rookie on the roster outwardly talking about his dislike for his head coach. Gafford averaged 5.1 ppg this season and had 4 games where he scored in double digits. He wasn’t a big piece on the team this year but he did show some promise throughout the season.

The Jim Boylen situation for the Bulls has just been toxic as we have gone through this early offseason. Multiple players trashing him or saying he’s just okay. Fans calling for him to be shown the door immediately. It’s been a weird “off-season” as we have seen a ton of change in the front office but the head coach remains the same. It will be interesting to see who will be leading the Bulls at the start of next season. One thing is for sure if the rookies on the team feel comfortable talking bad about the coach the rest of the team does as well.