Former Bull Taking His Talents To The Boxing Ring


In case you haven’t heard yet, Mike Tyson is getting back into the boxing ring. Tyson hasn’t fought professionally since 2005 and is looking like he’s in pretty good shape.

Though the news about Tyson getting back in the ring is exciting to some, the real excitement came from hearing who would be fighting in the undercard. He was only on the Bulls for a season but he definitely left his mark on the fans, Nate Robinson, will be taking his talents to the ring.

Nate Robinson is going to be fighting YouTube star Jake Paul ahead of Tyson’s much-anticipated return. In case you forgot what Robinson did in his one season with the Bulls he averaged 13.1 points and shot 40% from three-point range. Nate really made his presence known on this team in the playoffs. He had 4 games scoring 20+ and scored in double digits in 10 out of the 12 playoff games he was in. Nate hung up his basketball shoes after the 2015-16 season and hasn’t participated in any sport on a professional level since. However, he seems to be putting in work.

Ex-NBA PG Vs. YouTube Star

His opponent, Jake Paul, has fought in two matches (1 amateur & 1 professional) and has won both of them. Paul seems to be pretty confident in his boxing skills. Paul became famous through YouTube and has continued to thrive on YouTube despite multiple controversial occurrences. Both of them released the following statements once the fight was made official.

Nate has always had a chip on his shoulder being a 5’9″ PG in the NBA. He managed to have an 11-year career and he wants to show that he’s an elite athlete. Jake Paul has found himself in many controversial spots outside of boxing but looks to get back in the ring and introduce Nate to the canvas.

Whether you are a boxing fan or not this will be a fight to see. An ex-NBA player jumping in the boxing ring to fight a YouTube star. It sounds like something made up but this is where we are now. As a Nate Robinson fan myself, I am excited to watch him knock out an annoying YouTube star and put him in his place. It appears that Nate feels the same exact way.

Be sure to tune in on September 12th to see Nate Robinson make his boxing debut.