Cubs Pitching Coach Describes Bout With COVID-19: “I Got Crushed”


Cubs pitching coach Tommy Hottovy is another example of a younger, healthy person who had a serious case of COVID-19. The 38-year-old described his bout with COVID-19 on the Mully And Haugh Show on 670 The Score Wednesday morning.

Again, we’re talking about a 38-year-old, who spent a decade playing professional baseball and he was still hit hard with the novel virus. Hottovy said it took him a month before his was finally able to test negative for COVID-19.

After dealing with fevers for almost a week, Hottovy said it got even worse.

Via 670 The Score.

“The problem with is on day eight through 14, it crushed me,” Hottovy said. “It got into my lungs. I got the full what they call the COVID pneumonia, a viral pneumonia, shortness of breath, really trouble breathing, constant fevers.”

The second-year pitching coach had a fever of more than 100 degrees for six straight day and had to eventually go to the hospital.

“It is important to understand that, guys, I’m 38 years old,” Hottovy said on the Mully & Haugh Show on Wednesday morning. “I’ve been poked, prodded, tested for the last 16 years in Major League Baseball. I’ve had no underlying issues, nothing that would red flag me as somebody that would get hit pretty hard with this virus. But I did. My journey through this virus was not like ones you hear of younger people who are asymptomatic or only have it for a few days. I got crushed. I did have to go the hospital for a little bit of time to get checked and do all the breathing treatments.”

At one point, Hottovy was considering opting out of the 2020 season.

You can listen to Hottovy’s entire interview below.

On Tuesday, the Cubs said two “tier one” employees had tested positive for COVID-19.

The Cubs plan to have their first team workout to kickoff summer camp on Friday at Wrigley Field. Most of the players will be tested for COVID-19 on Wednesday.