The Chicago Bears are a big market team. So despite them finishing 8-8 last season, it was inevitable that the NFL would put them in primetime games. This will include two such contests on Monday Night Football. The first against the Los Angeles Rams on October 26th and the second against the Minnesota Vikings on November 16th.

What a lot fans want to know though is who the broadcasting team will be this year. Monday Night Football has experienced some upheaval with their booth the past few years, trying all sorts of different combinations. Their latest of Joe Tessitore and former NFL player Booger McFarland was the least popular to date. So a shakeup came this offseason.

The first part of the equation has fallen into place with longtime ESPN staple Steve Levy taking over play-by-play duties. He’s covered the NFL for years in post-game segments but is best known for his work with the NHL. The big question remaining is who might join him in the booth. Andrew Marchand of the New York Post might have that answer.

“Kirk Herbstreit calling “Monday Night Football” is gaining a little more momentum, though, it is by no means a done deal. Here’s the news: This is even if there is a college football season, according to sources.

If college football is played this fall, Herbstreit would continue with Chris Fowler on ESPN’s No. 1 team. That is not changing, no matter what.

However, the NFL likes Herbstreit, sources say, and he could do double duty and team with new MNF play-by-play favorite Steve Levy.”

Chicago Bears fans might like these guys for their experience

Herbstreit has been a staple of college football coverage going back many years. He’s consistently been one of the A-team broadcasters for big games across the country as does a fine job as a color commentator. Levy too brings a ton of experience to the table. He’s been in the broadcasting mainstream since 1993 and is no stranger to calling NFL games. Fans are familiar with his work on Sportscenter.

It’s a unique combination to be sure but one that could show a lot of potential. Nothing is set in stone yet because it isn’t clear where the college football season stands. One thing is clear though. In the eyes of many, they can’t possibly be worse than what ESPN put forward last year. Watching Bears Monday night games on mute was more preferable.