Cubs Draft Ed Howard, Bob Nightengale Immediately Insults Him


What an awesome night for Mount Carmel’s Ed Howard. The top ranked shortstop in this year’s draft class was taken in the first round and he gets to stay home, as the Cubs selected him 16th overall Wednesday night.

And who knows, if it wasn’t for COVID-19, Howard would have been able to play his senior season and potentially could’ve been a top-10 pick. Ultimately, things fell perfectly for the Cubs.

A great story for the Cubs drafting the local kid, but of course Bob Nightengale found a way to insult Ed Howard. Seriously, this was the easiest layup for any baseball writer to react to, but instead Nightengale mustered up this all-time awful tweet.

Yes, Bob Nightengale insinuated that the Cubs drafted Ed Howard just because he’s African American. Somehow that tweet stayed up for several hours before it was finally deleted, but how insulting to Howard’s talent and work ethic to get to this point.

Remember, right after the pick was made official, ESPN’s Jeff Passan received a text from a scout that said Howard was the best pick of the draft. But no, the Cubs simply picked the best infielder in this year’s draft for good PR, according to Bob.

Best defensive infielder in the country.

Great character, all the intangibles and passion for the game.

Via Marquee Sports Network.

“When we talk about intangibles from a scouting standpoint, we talk about things like work ethic and drive and overall passion for the game,” Kantrovitz said. “When we were talking to him during our Zoom call, he was literally wearing his baseball mitt. It wasn’t something that I think he expected us to notice or even see.
“You could see it for just a couple seconds there and at that moment, I realized he was wearing his glove and just chomping at the bit to get out on the field and take ground balls and play, we knew he had the intangibles we were looking for.”

Fuck off with your bullshit, Bob.