The Chicago Bears are busy trying to prepare for one of the wildest years of football in history. Not only has COVID-19 made it difficult to connect between players and coaches, much less practice. Now there’s a national emergency brought about by protests following the controversial death of Minnesota black man George Floyd at the hands of police. It seems the sports world is paralyzed and doesn’t know what to do. That certainly hasn’t stopped some Bears rookies.

Keep in mind these young men are under no obligation to take central roles with the team. That isn’t their job. Not yet. However, it seems the momentous times have compelled them to speak out, showing the kinds of personalities that the Bears liked so much when they were drafted. First to do so was 2nd round cornerback Jaylon Johnson. He stated as a father and husband that only love and education will see the crisis through.

Not long after, 5th round pick Trevis Gipson delivered a message of his own. He stated that separating right from wrong should be obvious when it comes to life or death. He called for peace to win out and was willing to talk with anybody about it.

Both young men are already setting the example for the Chicago Bears

Keep in mind, just one other person on the Bears roster has delivered these types of public statements thus far. That is quarterback Nick Foles. This should show fans the type of character Johnson and Gipson have. Yes they’re competitors and demand excellence of themselves on the field. However, that won’t stop them from trying to be even better people off the field. Exactly the sort of guys fans should want representing their team.

Both young men are expected to make the roster this summer. Johnson is a heavy favorite to win the starting cornerback spot opposite Kyle Fuller. Gipson should be the #3 guy at outside linebacker behind Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn. GM Ryan Pace stated the team was extremely high on both of them. It will be fun to see how their places in the organization develop in the months to come.