The way things stand with the NFL and COVID-19 is as follows. There is no discussion about whether the 2020 season will be played. That is going to happen. The devil is in the details. It comes down to a key factor. Will fans be allowed in stadiums and if so how many? Word is that decision will be left up to state and county governments. Meaning the Chicago Bears are mostly at the mercy of what Illinois and the city itself have planned regarding the virus prevention.

Recently Mayor Lori Lightfoot moved Chicago to Phase 4 of reopening. This allowed small businesses like theaters, restaurants and gyms to open again. However, when it came to arenas and stadiums? She made it clear that is a far greater challenge. One where it might not be allowed until a vaccine is developed. Something that could take until early 2021.

This would explain the language of a recent Bears update to season ticket holders. According to Adam Jahns of The Athletic, the team is not yet certain how many fans will be allowed in Soldier Field come the fall. They are working on solutions with the obvious goal to get as many into the stadium as possible when the time comes.

Chicago Bears aren’t being helped by disasters elsewhere

It would be one thing if every state was managing the virus as well as Illinois has. That isn’t the case though. Texas and Florida have seen what happens when the warnings are ignored and a state reopens to quickly. COVID-19 cases have surged to record highs in recent weeks. This forced state governments to roll back their initial plans as a result.

One can understand why this has made others quite nervous about the idea of playing games in front of large crowds. This has led to speculation about possibly either playing in empty stadiums or even pushing the season back to later date. Something that might allow some progress to be made on the medical front.

Either way, the situation remains exceedingly fluid.