NFL Insider Argues Kyle Long Would’ve Dominated a Different Sport


Kyle Long carved out a good career in the NFL for the Chicago Bears. He went to three Pro Bowls, two as a guard and one as a tackle. He made lots of money and became one of the most memorable faces of the 2010s decade in the city. Yet his story will forever be remembered by what could have been. Long only made it seven seasons, his body racked by a series of brutal injuries that shortened his career.

There is no telling how good he might’ve been had he stayed healthy. Long isn’t bitter though. He’s grateful for the time he had and is ready to move into the next phase of his life. NFL insider Jay Glazer talked about him in a recent article for the Athletic, explaining why the offensive lineman was always destined for success.

“When Kyle Long was training with us for the combine and NFL Draft he did everything he possibly could to pick up the position. He did so much extra work, his hands were so violent. He was a first-round draft pick, but he trained like he was hoping to be a seventh-round pick, he trained like his spot was on the line. That’s what you’re looking for in a guy. That’s the people who will make it in the next level.”

It didn’t stop there though.

Glazer, an avid MMA guy, was later asked about certain players he’s met and interacted with in his career who might make good fighters. He mentioned Long as one of those guys who could totally own the sport if he really wanted.

“Howie Long could have been a good cage fighter and Kyle Long. Kyle is the strongest dude who’s ever put his hands on me.”

Kyle Long absolutely has the size and temperament for the UFC

It’s not hard to envision this at all. Long is a big due and a fantastic athlete. Combine that with obvious strength and a bit of a mean streak? He is exactly the sort of guy opponents wouldn’t want to face in the octagon. Hell he has the personality that would be perfect for professional wrestling too. However, the state of his body makes either of those unlikely.

Not that it matters though. The 31-year old already has various opportunities lined up. He seems to be getting more and more into the competitive video gaming circuit while also dabbling in possible analyst work for sports radio and other medium. There is no question whichever he ends up pursuing will result in success. The guy is too talented and too hard of a worker not to thrive at whatever he does.