Head coach Matt Nagy has said on multiple occasions that Mitch Trubisky has handled this offseason better than expected. One might imagine he’d get discouraged after the Chicago Bears traded for Nick Foles back in March. Not only that but they also declined the 5th-year option on his rookie contract. It was a clear declaration by the team that if he wants to stay a Bear, he’ll have to earn it this year.

Trubisky, at least according to those around him, hasn’t flinched. He’s no stranger to adversity nor the idea of competition. He encountered both at North Carolina and overcame it. Mark Podolski of the News-Herald caught up with White Sox prospect Kade McClure recently. As it turns out the young man is friends with Trubisky dating back to their time in high school together.

They’ve been in contact throughout this offseason. From what McClure indicates, Trubisky has no intention of surrendering his spot to Foles.

“I texted Mitch right after all of that, and he was like, ‘Let’s go! Let’s go!’ ” McClure told The News-Herald. “Mitch is a competitive and confident guy. I don’t think he’s too worried about Nick Foles. He’s motivated more than ever, and definitely not going to bow down to (Foles). I know this, Mitch will fight and compete.”

“Mitch knows he had a down year,” said McClure, who played football and basketball with Trubisky at Mentor. “But his confidence is at an all-time high.”

Mitch Trubisky cleared the first hurdle to redemption at least

The fact that all signs point to Trubisky embracing this new reality is a good thing. If word were coming out that he was frustrated and depressed, that would be a glaring red flag. If nothing else he’s a competitor and plans to fight until the end. For their part, the Bears have made it clear there is zero favoritism in this upcoming battle. It doesn’t matter what either guy has done up to this point. Both start from zero when training camp opens.

It is a battle that will stretch into the preseason. Nagy stated he would not rush the decision until he was sure. He wanted both men to make it tough on him. The better they play, the better the prospects for the Bears this season. Trubisky does have a few advantages. His mobility is far superior to Foles. He also has an established connection to most of the players on offense along with greater familiarity with the offensive verbiage.

His big obstacle is learning to read defenses better, tightening up his footwork, and passing with more consistent accuracy. Not an easy thing. Still, he seems ready for the challenge.