“The Last Dance” documentary concluded with a flourish this past weekend, going down as the most watched of its kind in history. A fitting result for the greatest basketball player of all-time, Michael Jordan. One person who enjoyed it and also found himself a central part of it was Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf. It’s no secret he and Jordan have had a complicated relationship over the years. Both share a mutual love and respect, but Jordan is still resentful to Reinsdorf for breaking up the team in 1998 and not at least trying to go for a seventh championship.

Reinsdorf defends his decision, stating that Bulls team was gassed and keeping it together would’ve been impossible anyway. That argument aside, the Bulls owner was happy the documentary came out. Mostly because it showed a new generation of basketball fans just how incredible Jordan was. In his mind, it puts to rest any further pointless debate trying to compare M.J. with LeBron James as he told K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago.

“This is history. It makes for fascinating stuff,” Reinsdorf said. “And ‘The Last Dance’ obviously should establish in the mind of any person with normal eyesight that Michael was beyond a doubt the greatest of all-time. In my mind, anytime anybody wants to talk to me about comparing Michael to LeBron (James), I’m going to tell them to please don’t waste my time.

“I’m really pleased it showed how great Michael was to people who hadn’t seen him play. I’m truly tired of people trying to compare LeBron to Michael when it’s not even close. They should try to compare LeBron with Oscar Robertson or Magic Johnson. Michael was so head and shoulders over everybody, and that really came out in this documentary. He was a phenomenon. We may never see another like him.”

Jerry Reinsdorf respects LeBron but makes it clear who the G.O.A.T is

James is going to go down in history as one of the five or ten greatest players in NBA history. That is not up for debate. The greatest ever though? It’s difficult to accept that. He has half as many championships as Jordan does. He’s also lost multiple times in the NBA Finals, something Jordan never did. James also had to constant leave one team to join another in an effort to forge Big Threes to improve his chances.

He made the All-Defensive team six times in 17 seasons. Jordan made it nine times in 15 seasons and also won Defensive Player of the Year. James got a head start in his career by skipping college. Jordan attended North Carolina for three years. The facts are the facts. People can try to twist the numbers however they like but the reality is M.J. accomplished more in less time than James ever did.