Aaron Rodgers sounded calm and composed when he spoke to the media for the first time following the controversial Green Bay Packers NFL draft. One that saw them trade up in the 1st round to select Utah State quarterback Jordan Love. It was a clear sign to everybody that the organization was making a massive power play. One that in all likelihood would push the future Hall of Famer out of town in the near future. Rodgers echoed that sentiment when asked.

He sounds like a man who knows his career will likely finish elsewhere. It’s just a matter of when. Most experts have circled 2022 as the most logical point of embarkation. However, Hall of Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson doesn’t believe it will even get that far. He believes Rodgers is burned by this show of “disrespect” more than he’s letting on.

He believes the QB will use it as motivation to dominate in 2020, and then force his way out of town next offseason, either via trade or release. The interesting part is where Tomlinson thinks he’ll try to end up.

Aaron Rodgers would once again follow in Favre’s footsteps

It’s almost eerie how Rodgers’ career arc has mirrored the man he replaced in Brett Favre. Both put up insane numbers in their early years, won MVPs, and won a Super Bowl. They also developed a reputation for painful playoff heartbreaks later in their careers and being forced to carry the franchise on their backs more and more. Favre was eventually shipped out of town to the Jets.

After one season there, he “retired” again but then returned to join the Minnesota Vikings just so he could get a shot at revenge against the Packers. He got it, beating them both times in the regular season. Rodgers would essentially be doing the same thing, only joining the Bears instead. It makes sense. He’s said many times he loves playing at Soldier Field and lord knows he’s won a lot of games there.

Would the Bears willingly go over to that dark side? It’s a question they may have to ponder in the next year or two.