Taylor Gabriel was a fun player for the Chicago Bears during his two-year stint with the team. There is no denying the 5’8 wide receiver punched way above his weight class at times. His speed was truly something special. Unfortunately, a series of concussions ended his 2019 season and eventually forced the team to part ways with him. Since then he’s been off the radar with nobody knowing what his next move would be.

It seems that move is into retirement. While Gabriel himself hasn’t made it official, a recent bit of information surfaced that might indicate his chosen direction. A new website was established for an upstart company called TP Trucking PRO. Gabriel is listed as its CEO. In his bio on the site, it states that after two years with the Bears he “decided to hang up his cleats and pursue his off-field endeavors.”

Certainly a unique way for a mans’ retirement to reach the public if it’s indeed true. Nobody would be surprised either. Gabriel has suffered from numerous head injuries in his career. He’s 29-years old and head towards the down slope of his career. Perhaps he’s hoping to get a head start on the next business venture of his life. Trucking isn’t a bad idea given how widespread online shopping has become. Especially in this pandemic-swept America.

Taylor Gabriel still hasn’t made it official though

Now it’s important to remember that Gabriel hasn’t come out and said this himself. Until that happens, one can’t say he’s officially retired. Perhaps the receiver is trying to get his company established while the league remains in limbo. Then once things become clearer as the season gets closer, he’ll start hunting for jobs at that point. Still, it wouldn’t be a shock if this is real. Gabriel’s concussion issues are well-documented. He may not want to risk further damage since he’s already made a lot of money in his career.