Chicago Sportsmen Who Vape


Chicago athletes who vaporize know that the act puts them at the risk of being suspended from competitions. As such, they do not come out openly to express their support for vaping. Vaping, or the use of electronic cigarettes, is increasingly popular, especially among young Americans.

It’s the rising popularity of vaping that has prompted high school sports organizations to call for an intervention. For instance, the Illinois High School Association forwarded the National Federation of State High School Associations to member schools and message outlets. This message noted that vaping had hit a crisis stage and has to be stopped.

According to the assistant executive director, IHSA considered vaping the same as smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol. He further noted that the issue is affecting students in high school, and it deserves attention. Similarly, suburban schools in Chicago have started to treat vaping like other activities that involve controlled substances. Many athletes in high schools avoid vaping. However, some sportsmen in Chicago say the practice is widespread among their colleagues on and off-campus.

Vaping by high school athletes shows how the habit starts. Using the best vapes may seem fun, especially among young people. However, the act can lead to the suspension of a sportsman from the competition.

Early Beginnings

The Centers for Disease Control describes vaping as the use of electronic cigarettes. The device is used to heat a liquid that contains nicotine and flavorings, as well as chemicals to produce an aerosol. A person inhales the vapor, but even bystanders and those near the vaper can inhale the aerosol.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that 9.5% of students have already tried vaping to reach their eighth grade. And, this number increases to 16.5% among those in the twelfth grade.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, 1.5 million students in high and middle school used electronic cigarettes in 2018. Such statistics reveal that student-athletes that start using good vapes in middle and high school are the same sportsmen that continue vaping later in life. Thus, vaping among Chicago sportspeople has an early beginning.

Why Chicago Sportsmen Vape

Chicago athletes have varied reasons for vaping. For instance, some sportsmen have argued that vaping helps them with anxiety. Others see it as a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. For some sportsmen, vaping is a great way to relax after a performance or tournament.

But, this act is not without repercussions even for sportsmen that use the best vaping devices. The adverse effects of vaping are the primary reasons why experts have called for interventions. For instance, vaping is affecting young athletic programs and performance in Chicago.

For instance, many swimmers are unable to perform or practice during meetings because they have been vaping. Experts have warned that vaping THC-containing e-liquid may have been the cause of EVALI. According to the CDC, it is an illness that affects the lungs and caused 2,807 deaths and hospitalized cases by February 2020.

What’s more, sportsmen that test positive for the use of substances that have been listed as prohibited drugs can be banned from participating in all sports. For instance, student-athletes that test positive for the use of these substances remain ineligible for competitions until they test negative.

Why Some Chicago Sportsmen Want to Quit Vaping

Many Chicago sportsmen that vape can decide to quit for varied reasons, including the effects of using e-cigarettes on their athletic performance. Even an athlete that has been using the best vape may want to stop for different reasons.

These include:

● The fear of being caught and eventually being kicked out of their sporting team

● The anxiousness is becoming difficult to stand.

● Some are having seizures after vaping.

● Some are unmotivated and depressed because of vaping.

Other reasons include the desire to beat nicotine addiction and avoid the negative health impacts of vaping, such as erectile dysfunction that has been linked to the habit. But, because sportsmen don’t want people to know that they have been vaping, they are having a hard time trying to find cessation programs.

It is not a new challenge because many celebrities have always had a challenge trying to find a luxury addiction treatment program. Nevertheless, some facilities are now offering treatment programs for athletes. These are tailored to suit their unique needs as celebrities.

The Bottom Line

Many sportsmen start vaping and finding the best vapes to buy during their time in high school. That’s because they consider the habit as a fun and cool way to relax. As such, they continue the practice in college and eventually into paid sporting competitions. But, because vaping banned substances can lead to the suspension of athletes, most of them do it secretly. That’s why it’s challenging to know Chicago sportspeople who vape. What’s more, vaping can affect the performance and health of a sportsman negatively. Thus, many sportsmen end up quitting the habit later in life.