Whenever the NBA draft happens, it is going to be arguably the most unique in basketball history. If only because teams won’t be able to gather the type of information they’re used to having on prospects because of the coronavirus pandemic. This makes the job of VP Arturas Karnisovas that much harder. However, could the Chicago Bulls have an unforeseen advantage in their front office turnover admidst the chaos?

Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times pointed out that there is one thing going in their favor. This being the decision to bring in new personnel guys from different organizations. Not only do they bring their own expertise but also the information they’d gathered on draft prospects up to that point.

Multiple sources have told the Sun-Times that there have been frequent zoom meetings with the scouting departments – both college and pro – whether it’s been new general manager Marc Eversley running it or new vice president of player personnel Pat Connelly in charge.

The one benefit the Bulls admittedly have is because there has been a house cleaning up top, new blood means different intel from multiple organizations. Karnisovas and Connelly were in Denver before they were hired, Eversley Philadelphia, and J.J. Polk came from the Pelicans.

That’s four heavy hitters bringing in three batches of intel on the college draft class, as well as multiple ways to best decipher that information.

Chicago Bulls likely aren’t going to find their franchise guy in this draft

The NBA still has to figure out a lot of logistics regarding the season itself. Specifically how they’re going to actually finish it. To say nothing of figuring out the draft order. Not that it matters. Belief of many in the draft community is the upcoming class isn’t exactly swimming in prospects with proper star potential. That’s not to say they’re aren’t any good players in it but probably no true game-changers.

Maybe that’s not true. Some of these guys might be much more than experts think. Like any draft, nobody ever bats 1.000. Either way, Karnisovas and his new staff must use every advantage at their disposal to get off on the right foot. They don’t need to land that superstar right away. Just getting a solid player would be enough. Combine that with a better coaching staff and this team is capable of winning some games.

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