MLB Officially Cancels Cubs Series In London, It Could Actually Be Good News?


All right, so this is as positive as I’m going to be about sports coming back, specifically baseball, and we’ll actually begin with another cancellation. On Wednesday, MLB officially canceled this year’s London series that was scheduled for June 13-14, between the Cubs and Cardinals.

In late March, The Sun first reported that the London series would be canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic and that is now official.

Really sucks if you had planned your trip and now have to cancel all your reservations, but there are obviously bigger concerns right now.


Maybe the London series being canceled can be a good sign?

MLB is trying to figure out how to play as many games as possible this year and hey maybe that includes some games late into November. The most optimistic projection has games coming back in June.

So, if that does happen then the league will need as many open days as possible to fit in as many games as they can. The two-game set in London would have seen the Cubs get three off days for travel.

Now, those days are free, and could be used to reschedule games.

So, the league is potentially at least planning out to play games in June. Will we actually get to the point where games are being played in June? Still got a few months to figure that out.

And remember that in March MLB announced that they would follow the CDC’s recommendation of not gathering in a large groups for eight weeks, meaning that a modified version of spring training won’t begin until mid-May at the earliest.

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