Irish Look To Rebound In NFL Draft


Managing expectations is one of the most difficult parts of being a fan of Notre Dame.

Yesterday was no different as many of us watched a virtual rendition of the NFL Draft.

First Round Talents

In a draft class where there were only a few elite prospects at the top of the board, many teams managed to reload where their team needed a boost.

Despite first round potential, the Irish did not register a first round pick in the 2020 draft. While only a minor set-back, Notre Dame should still see between 5-7 individuals come off the board over the next two days, be patient!

Close but no Cigar

Perhaps one of the few shocking moments of the draft came late when I thought Cole Kmet could realistically come off the board. Kmet, the best TE prospect in this years class (No, shock – he’s from TEU) would have fit the Aaron Rodgers led Green Bay Packer offense, and given him a reliable young TE option.

Instead they decided to draft a quarterback in Jordan Love – effectively closing the door on Kmet.

The second instance where I thought Notre Dame could have made a splash was at the pick prior, where the 49er’s were looking for a wide receiver.

I understand Claypool in the first round would have been shredded to pieces on an “expert level,” but he did fit their need.

Only Way to Go is Up!

Although the first round did not favor the Irish, I believe that “it’s not a destination but a journey” would apply here.

The goal is to be drafted, and get a chance in the NFL. As other prospects throughout history have shown, where you are drafted does not matter when it’s all said and done.

Good Luck

Look for the Irish to make some noise for the rest of the weekend, check out the IrishMockery Mock Draft 2.0