Curious How Robert Quinn Chose the Bears? You May Not Want to Know


While some might point to Nick Foles as the biggest acquisition of the offseason by the Chicago Bears, it’s hard argue against Robert Quinn. Adding a pass rusher who had 11.5 sacks last season to a front that already features Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks? That is something to get excited about. GM Ryan Pace made it clear it was nothing personal against Leonard Floyd. It simply came down to Quinn being a more proven pass rusher.

So why did the 29-year old end up choosing Chicago? There is no question his services were in demand after such a strong season in 2019. According to the man himself, it was a dead heat between the Bears and the Atlanta Falcons. How close?

Quinn later clarified he didn’t flip an actual coin. Narrowly avoiding a Twitter firestorm. He used that statement as a way to illustrate how incredibly hard the decision was for him. In the end, the allure of playing with Mack and Hicks won the day. Atlanta ended up going with Dante Fowler instead.

Robert Quinn gives Bears front some dangerous juice

The Bears defensive front was already a force with Mack and Hicks. When those two were healthy and on the field together, sacks piled up quickly. So why add Quinn? The better question is why not? There is no such thing as too strong of a pass rush. Also one must remember that Hicks and Mack battled injuries in 2019. That sapped the effectiveness of the rush in a big way. With Quinn in the fold, it should be able to stay potent if such a thing happens again.

If all three stay healthy for most of the year though? Devastation could be in the forecast. Perhaps even more than the fabled 2018 defense accomplished. The Bears have two edge rushers capable of double digit sacks and an interior force in Hicks who demands constant double teams. Offensive lines only have so many bodies. If they single block any of those guys, it’s pretty much over.

Give them a substantial lead of any kind and things might get ugly. That is why the Bears traded for Foles and no doubt plan more additions on offense. They know where their true strength is. It’s about maximizing it as much as possible now.