Bulls Insider Predicts Major Changes Within The Front Office


With the season currently paused we haven’t had weekly updates to the state of the Bulls front office. During the season we had losing streaks, frustrated players, fans being kicked out of the arena, and much more fueling discussions about the Bulls front office. Since the postponement of the season, it has been radio silence. However, we have been given something to talk about thanks to a Bulls insider.

K.C. Johnson used the words “revamped” and “overhauled”. In my mind, that means the changes will be big in the front office and scouting department. When talks about front office changes surfaced it was clear that Forman would be out but Paxson would be sticking around. This has been frustrating for Bulls fans, most would like to see a clean split from GarPax. Though that might be what fans want it’s clear that within the Bulls organization they have high praise for Paxson.

How is the NBA shutdown affecting the offseason changes?

Though we haven’t heard anything new on that front, Johnson touched on the Bulls progression of offseason moves during this pandemic,

“The wheels were in motion enough not for there not to be change. How it gets done now is the point I was trying to make, it’s just different now. Michael has been doing his due diligence, he’s been seeking input from a wide variety of candidates and a wide variety of people. He obviously had opinions about some of those people so you know it’s just another hurdle now.”

The pandemic caused a halt to everything on the court but that doesn’t mean things off the court aren’t happening. I’m sure the Reinsdorfs would rather wine & dine a potential GM candidate rather than have a video or phone call. However, their work can still get done during this time of social distancing and working from home. With the state of the season in limbo, K.C. Johnson still seemed optimistic about the changes,

“I do believe the offseason changes will still be made.”

We all anticipate offseason changes to happen but it’s good to get reinforcement from a Bulls insider. At this point, I would assume that we will go back to silence when it comes to news about the Bulls front office changes. No decisions will be made soon as we wait to see what happens with the remainder of the season. There are a lot of rumors floating around as to how the NBA season will resume but nothing has been set in stone due to all of the unknowns surrounding this pandemic. All we can do is wait and hope the Reinsdorfs have made use of this time by laying the groundwork for a revamped front office.