BREAKING: Notre Dame Navy Will Not Kick Off In Dublin


According to multiple sources, Ireland has issued a restriction on mass gatherings exceeding 5,000 people.

SOURCE: BBC NEWS: Coronavirus: Ireland bans major mass gatherings until autumn 

This inevitably means, Notre Dame will not be able to open the 2020 season in Dublin as originally planned.

A major blow for thousands of Irish fans, many of whom have already booked travel and accommodations for the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Anxiously Waiting

Neither the Naval Academy nor University of Notre Dame have released an official statement, yet.

The restriction has been in place since March 24, 2020. Further, the report states that licenses for such gatherings will not be considered until the end of August.

Notre Dame is scheduled to kick off the 2020 season on August 29, 2020. The venue located in Aviva Stadium is just a stones throw from the city center of Dublin.

I hope that between then and now something changes drastically, but as of today – Notre Dame/Navy will not be played in Dublin.


When the coronavirus began, I was one of the first to broach the topic – I wrote about it on March 19.

Notre Dame Season Opener In Dublin Seriously At Risk Of Cancellation

Myself, like many others wish I was wrong!

This will trickle down, but how confident are you that college football will be played in 2020? Furthermore, where is Notre Dame going to play Navy?