Bears Gave Mitch Trubisky a Courtesy They Didn’t Give a Certain Other QB


Say one thing for Ryan Pace. The guy has shown he can learn from his mistakes. Obviously the one people look to is his selection of Mitch Trubisky back in 2017. While the pick itself is deservedly lambasted these days, a lot of people forget how that entire situation was handled. Not only did Pace leave head coach John Fox out of the loop. He did the same to Mike Glennon, the guy the team had just signed for $45 million and promised the starting job to.

Glennon admitted not long after that he wasn’t warned about the pick. He found out it was happening at the draft party.

That created an awkward situation from the start and Glennon unsurprisingly flopped after just four games. It was extremely poor handling of a situation by Pace and apparently one he learned from. This time around, he made sure the communication lines were wide open. When the news broke that the Bears were trading for Nick Foles from Jacksonville, the team made sure Trubisky was informed according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

Mitch Trubisky knows where he stands. Does it matter?

Talk to any notable expert and they probably share the same opinion. The Bears made it clear that the job is still there for the taking. Trubisky will have his chance to show he can be better. However, Foles has the inside track. He’s the more experienced and more proven performer. He’s smart, articulate, a great teammate, and has a Super Bowl ring. Trubisky can’t get by being okay in practice like he did last year.

It is do-or-die time.

He’s in the last year of his rookie contract. The odds don’t favor the Bears picking up his 5th year option given Pace punted the idea twice already. Either he steps up and proves people wrong, or he spends 2020 as a backup and goes into an uncertain future next offseason as a free agent. If he truly is destined for success in this league, he’ll show in the next five months and hold Foles off.

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