Warriors Close Games To Fans, Is Chicago Next?


The Golden State Warriors are closing games from fans for the foreseeable future. This was done in observance of the San Fransisco Health Office’s order prohibiting group events of 1,000 people or more from assembling according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

This all comes off the heals of the growing reports of the outbreak of the coronavirus internationally as well as the many cases domestically.

The Bulls Should Follow Suit

With the Bulls generally getting consistently high attendance numbers, the responsible thing in this situation would be to follow suit. The safety of people and the general populace’s health is more important than money made in attendance.

Up until this point, the organization has not hinted at the idea of this happening with any sort of official statement. Despite both Jim Boylen and players giving comments.

“I hope we can all just kind of power through. I hope it doesn’t affect your (media) ability to do your jobs. We guys get pounds and knuckles and things like that and now guys are putting it out there and thinking, ‘Is that what I’m supposed to be doing?’ Strange.”

Boylen on how approaches have changed

Team leader Zach LaVine gave comments as well.

“It gets scary because it’s unknown. Obviously if we’re taking precautions like this it’s getting more and more serious. I just hope everybody is staying safe, staying healthy, staying clean, washing hands and things like that. The main thing is it’s unknown for sports and entertainment people, our little circle, and how (we) could be affected because you’re around so many people. You go on flights all the time, have so many interactions. You see how easy it spreads. So you just want to make sure everyone is safe and doing the right thing. It’s scary being in an unknown situation.”

Lavine on the implications of the outbreak for NBA