United Center Being Transformed Into COVID-19 Logistics Hub


COVID-19 has canceled/postponed sports seasons across the sporting world. This has left arenas empty for the foreseeable future. Instead of letting the arena sit empty with no use, the United Center is going to transform into a COVID-19 logistics hub.

Athletes, organizations, businesses, and billionaires around the world have been giving what they can to help fight this virus. The arena wouldn’t have been in use anyway but that doesn’t make a gesture like this any less important or generous. Creating a hub for food distribution, first responder staging, and the collection of critically needed medical supplies could save many lives.

NBA Season Will Remain On Hold For The Foreseeable Future

A gesture like this gives us a glimpse into how serious this has become across the state and the country. With the transformation to a COVID-19 hub, it confirms that the NBA season will not be back anytime soon.

Through times like this, we are shown over and over how generous people and organizations can be. Hopefully, we continue to see more acts like this as we get through this pandemic.

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