The Chicago Bears Need to Grab This Guy For Their Offensive Line


For the most part, the Chicago Bears have done a fine job addressing their offseason needs. They found reliable tight end in Jimmy Graham, upgraded edge rusher with Robert Quinn and traded for an experienced and proven quarterback in Nick Foles. There hasn’t been too much to complain about from the sensible crowd of fans. However, there is an undercurrent of concern regarding a lack of action in one area.

That being the offensive line.

It’s hard to say that the unit has gotten better at this point. If anything one could say it’s worse. Ted Larsen and Cornelius Lucas, their primary backups from last year are both gone. Kyle Long retired. So not only did their depth take a considerable hit, they still haven’t filled a key starting spot with anybody of note. Now this doesn’t mean the Bears have no plans for doing so. It is merely the lack of action is concerning.

Is there a move out there that could help with these problems? Yes, and his name is Daryl Williams.

Chicago Bears would love Williams’ versatility

These days Williams was a punching bag for Carolina Panthers fans to due to his inconsistency in 2019. They didn’t bother to recall this man was barely a year removed from a nasty knee injury that saw him dislocate his kneecap and tear his MCL. An injury he actually tried to play on before being forced onto IR. Before that, he was a second-team All-Pro in 2017. The 27-year old has the capability to play at a high level.

Where his appeal really comes into focus for the Bears is his versatility. Williams has played every position on the offensive line in the NFL except for center. He was a stud at right tackle but logged time at left tackle, right guard, and left guard in 2019 alone. His ability to play all those positions would give Chicago all sorts of flexibility, freeing up an extra roster spot to be used elsewhere while he takes care of backup duties both on the inside and outside.

The best part is he could end up being Bobby Massie’s heir apparent at right tackle in 2021 if he can regain his old form from three years ago.