Jimmy Graham Gives Opinion On New QB Mitchell Trubisky


The Chicago Bears made a very controversial move in free agency when they signed 33 year-old Jimmy Graham to a two-year, $16 million deal with $9 million guaranteed. However you may feel about the addition, Jimmy Graham is ready to bring a championship to the city of Chicago.

Now some may say Graham’s been in the league forever so we should expect bits like this. And you’re probably right. He is a vet after-all. He knows how to speak to the media at this point in his career.

I mean he’d never just come out and say the Bears gave him the best offer, right? No, that’d be absurd. The former Packer also gave us some insight on how he views his new quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

Again, take this with a grain of salt but either way — Jimmy Graham is damn good with the mic.

Talent has never been the issue with Trubisky

What Jimmy Graham said regarding Trubisky’s talent is a correct evaluation. Mitch has the tools. He’s shown flashes but it’s the inconsistency that drives fans/coaches mad. The addition of Nick Foles to the QB room will either be the best or worst thing that happens to Trubisky.

It will either push him to be better or push him out the door. Simple as that.