Jim Deshaies Won’t Stop Making Fun Of The Astros Cheating Scandal


Jim Deshaies spent the best days of his MLB career pitching for the Astros and he was part of their broadcast team from 1997-2012, before joining to the Cubs’ TV booth. His close relationship with the Astros isn’t stopping JD’s sense of humor, as he simply will not stop making fun of Houston’s cheating scandal during Cubs games.

First, he flat out made a trash can joke back in February.

But JD is much more versatile than simply going for the low-hanging fruit. During last night’s spring training game against the Padres, the Dodgers came up and Len Kasper was talking about how they had 105 wins in 2019. A graphic was shown on the screen of last year’s standings and Kasper said he cheated them a win, as they won 106 games.

Well, that was the only opening JD needed to make a subtle joke about the Dodgers getting cheated.

Jim Deshaies is a national treasure.