Jay Williams’ Stir-Crazy Plan To Get The NBA Back


On Wednesday, March 11th the NBA decided to suspend the season due to the spread of COVID-19 and former Bulls point guard and basketball analyst, Jay Williams, has become a little stir crazy without the NBA in his life.

Williams suggested a very unique plan to get the NBA back on track for the playoffs this morning on the ESPN radio show, Golic & Wingo.

“Maybe you can take two of those massive cruise ships and there’s testing before everybody goes on the ship. You allow the player and their immediate family, being their wife or their kids, are allowed to go with them. You have an Eastern Conference cruise ship and you have a Western Conference cruise ship. Obviously they’re being sterilized all the time and media companies are able to drop their equipment in. You never really go to shore, you stay out on the cruise ships and you build two courts on those cruise ships.”

“I know fans may not be allowed to go, but still, the broadcasting companies could actually broadcast these games, team members and their family members could be isolated to a degree for that span of 40 days, whatever it may be. Then you’re allowed to potentially have these games. You go right into the playoffs, maybe you give a week for each team to prepare, but you go right into that for the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Then you have a championship game on a cruise ship.”

Imagine that, the NBA Playoffs played on what would have to be an outside court with no spectators and the wind from the open ocean creating an airball on a game-winning shot attempt.

Yes, it’s crazy, but I know I’d be watching.

You have to give Williams a 10 out of 10 for creativity and effort. We all want our sports back but this doesn’t appear to be the best solution.