If Chicago Bears Want To Trade Down in Draft, Watch These Teams


If there is one thing that can be guaranteed about the NFL draft, it’s that the Chicago Bears will make a move via trade at least once. GM Ryan Pace has conducted a trade either up or down the boards in each of the past four drafts he has run for this franchise. With just two picks in the top 150 selections this coming April, a lot of people are wondering if he might have designs on a move down with one of the two 2nd round selections he has.

However, as the saying goes it takes two to tango. People can talk about the Bears moving down all they want. It won’t matter if Pace can’t find teams willing to make a deal. To that end, let’s take a quick peek at the layout of the 2nd round and possible phone calls the Bears can make.

Teams who might deal with the Chicago Bears

Baltimore Ravens

It may not be Ozzie Newsome anymore, but his replacement Eric Decosta has shown no qualms about continuing the tradition of being calculated and aggressive during a draft. The Ravens are stocked like usual with two picks in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds each. Given their lack of widespread needs, it would make perfect sense for them to seek out quality over quantity at this point, making a move up more likely.

Currently, they sit at #60, a nice 10 spots below the Bears. This would be an ideal distance to drop if Pace were looking to add multiple picks to his coffers. Including one in the 2021 draft if he wished.

Seattle Seahawks

Few GMs loved to wheel and deal as much as John Schneider of the Seahawks. He has no fear when it comes to moving up or down. The Bears should know this considering he’s done business with them before. Back in 2016, the two teams worked out a deal that gave Seattle the 49th overall pick in exchange for the 56th pick and a 4th rounder. Chicago would use those to select Cody Whitehair and Deon Bush.

The Seahawks have both the 27th and 32nd picks of the 2nd round along with a compensatory pick in the 3rd round and two 4th round picks. It would not be a shock at all if they decided to move up to #50 for somebody they covet.

Miami Dolphins

No team has more picks going into the 2020 draft than the Dolphins. Their firesale over the past year has allowed them to collect 14 picks in total. Smart money says they plan to do a lot of moving around when things get going next month. This should interest the Bears since they do hold a pick in the 2nd round that comes after them. Pick #56 to be exact.

If Pace weren’t looking to take too much of a drop but still get a mid round selection out of a deal, then Miami would be the team to call. They have four picks between the 4th and 5th rounds alone. This isn’t counting the ones they may end up with from trades earlier in the draft.