Former Packer Gets Bodied For Criticizing Nick Foles Trade


It’s hardly anything new when a current or former Green Bay Packers player talks trash about the Chicago Bears. That is just the nature of the rivalry. That is why it wasn’t a big surprise that certain guys came out of the woodwork when the Nick Foles trade went down. It was certainly a headline-grabber. The Bears, who had invested so much in Mitch Trubisky the past three seasons, were suddenly shifting gears and adding his potential (likely) replacement.

T.J. Lang, a former standout guard for the Packers didn’t waste much time digging on the Bears for that decision. Especially since former MVP Cam Newton became available a week later as a free agent.

Apparently that didn’t sit well with Jalen Mills. The Philadelphia Eagles cornerback was teammates with Foles. He didn’t waste any time in pointing out a pesky little fact that separated the two quarterbacks.

While Newton played one of his worst games in the Super Bowl back in 2015, Foles delivered the best performance of his career against the mighty New England Patriots in 2017.

Nick Foles trade was the smart and safe move

Newton might be the bigger name. He’s the more talented athlete, able to move in ways Foles never could. Yet the reality is it’s all about timing and fit. Chicago has a host of coaches on their new staff under Matt Nagy who know Foles and what he can do. Their offense is similar to the one he ran in Philadelphia and had so much success with. Newton has uncertain health after offseason foot surgery.

If that weren’t enough, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made put offseason workouts in jeopardy. That means Newton would’ve had to come in basically blind with minimal time to prepare and rusty from not having played in a year. That is asking a bit too much. Foles was not only the safest option for the Bears. He was the smart one.